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    how to have the ultimate monday funday.

    by · March 31, 2014

    photographed by nina mouritzen

    The Curator: Liza Darwin, Senior Web Editor
    The look: Ada Kokosar
    My list of fashion icons is embarrassing long--but it’s not necessarily what you’d expect. Rather than celebs (although they’re there, too), these days I’m more into tracking European cool girls. The top of this list? Ada Kokosar, a fashion stylist and consultant whose obsession with flats, comfy trousers, and jumpsuits is basically right in line with mine. Her leather midi skirt and white blouse combo is understated and easy, yet totally on-point for spring. Also, can we please talk about her amazing hair?!
    When you’re pale, the type of blush you use automatically becomes 100x more important (unless you’re going for the whole Alice Cullen, thing...). My latest favorite is Makeup Forever HD Blush, which not only goes on smoothly, blends easily, and radiates a flawless, just-got-in-from-the-cold finish, but also is fellow porcelain-skinned babe Christina Hendricks’ go-to product. Enough said.
    The News: Hilary Duff gets new record deal, forthcoming album
    Don’t even try and pretend like you’re not excited that Hilary Duff--AKA Lizzie McGuire-- is officially putting out new music! She left Hollywood Records and is now working on a new LP, and we can’t wait to hear if she’l be able to top “When the Rain Falls Down” this time around. I mean, c’mon!
    The Inspiration: Oldschool NYLON!This retro NYLON photo showcases the chill, laid-back attitude I want to embody all spring and summer long. Not stressed, not frantic...just hanging out. The denim miniskirt and awesome jacket don’t hurt, either.
    The Sound: “Little Talks (The Knocks Remix)” by Of Monsters and Men
    I’m writing this Checklist en route back to New York City from Reykjavik right now, and I can already feel the Iceland withdrawal setting in. Although there’s definitely no shortage of rad Icelandic bands emerging on the scenes (Low Roar, Samaris, and Retro Stefson, i’m looking at you guys!) this jam from locals Of Monsters and Men will forever be synonymous with the country for me. The original is irresistible enough on its own, but this remix from The Knocks really adds an extra kick.
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