Hilary Duff Shows Off Her New Tattoos on ‘Ellen’

from green hair to tattoos

by nylon

Taking a page out of Miley Cyrus’ book, former child star Hilary Duff is looking to reinvent herself as a wild, free spirit—complete with tattoos (12, to be exact), turquoise hair, and a bikini selfie. Duff addressed her new look on Ellen today.

The 27-year-old actress originally debuted her new 'do on Instagram, citing mermaids as her inspiration. But as she revealed to Ellen, it wasn’t exactly mermaids that inspired her look, but their habitat. “I was just in Cabo with [my son Luca] and I was staring at the ocean and I was like, ‘I want that on my head.’ So, this happened.” 

In addition to providing some hair inspo, Duff’s trip to Cabo also resulted in a much-discussed bikini selfie. “I was on a trip with my son, and it’s been three years since I had him,” she told Ellen. “I’m just so proud of my body and what it’s done for me.” We would be proud too; she looks like a mega-babe. 

But Duff didn’t stop at a sexy selfie and green hair (if Miley’s taught us anything, it’s that the transition from child star to edgy adult takes commitment). She also revealed a handful of tattoos. Her latest tat reads "BK," in reference to her time spent in Brooklyn filming Sex and the City creator Darren Star’s new TV Land show, Younger

Most of Duff’s tats are on the inside of her arms, allowing the actress to enjoy two distinct lifestyles. “When my arms are down I look just like a normie and when my arms are out I look super hardcore, like a gangster,” she says. Miley would be proud.