Image Courtesy Socailty Barbie/Instagram

barbie’s hipster instagram account is just too real

and 100% too good

Oh, dear, do we ever have to thank Wired for bringing this to our attention. 

It should come as little surprise to us that—in an era where young, stylish women can attract millions of followers and make hundreds of thousands of dollars for appearing in the right photo at the right moment with the right filter—an inanimate plaything would want to get in on the Instagram fame game. And so, one has—and it's amazing.

Created by an anonymous wedding photographer from the great Pacific Northwest, the Socality Barbie Instagram account features a brunette edition of the classic toy kitted out with a


, teeny, tiny

, and all the

one would need to take long, thoughtful

, peer out

, or order


As the ingenious photographer told Wired, “Either your Instagram photos look just like her’s or you know at least one person who does.” Bitingly true. Oh and, yes, even though this is satire and she's made of plastic, we totally want


(Via Wired)