photo via h&m


h&m is launching a beauty line


Everyone stop what you're doing: H&M just announced that it's launching its first-ever full-range beauty collection this fall. It'll include over 700 products, including makeup, hair care, body, and tools—all in the totally reasonable price range of $2.99 to $24.99. There's going to be two collections within the range: Premium and certified natural/organic products.

In a sea of fast-fashion chains, H&M is one of the few that consistently gets it right. And since makeup has become an integral part of fashionable self-expression, we're counting on this upcoming collection to give us the tools we need to get the trends without comprising on quality. "Fashion for the face," if you will, as Sara Wallander, concept designer at H&M Beauty, put it.

Stay tuned as more details about the collection become available.