hold hair gel by zirh

It’s all in the name…

by Christian Lavery

When taking time out of your manic mornings to make sure every last hair is sitting perfectly in place, it’d be nice to know that your efforts weren’t wasted. But that depends on the product you decide to use. And with a name like Hold, just know that from the time you leave the house in the a.m. to the moment your head hits the pillow in the p.m., every lock will lie right where you had intended.

The ideal product that works for all hair types, Zirh’s gel is long lasting and provides a soft, flexible hold, allowing any look to be accomplished with ease. Made with a lightweight, non-stick formula, flakes, greasy residue, or cakey buildup will be an unfriendly side effect of the past, as Hold moisturizes and restores shine to the hair instead. Available exclusively online, grab a tube HERE, and do away with worrying if your hair is still in is place.