song premiere: hoodlem

‘nsync gets indie-fied by the aussie breakout band.

by liza darwin

It's been 13 years since 'NSYNC dropped the epic jam "Girlfriend" upon the world--and even now, the track is the gift that just keeps on giving. Case in point? This new cover from Australian breakouts Hoodlem, who stamp the boy band original with their own cinematic, topsy-turvy sound. 

We first fell in love with the group when their track "Old Friend" essentially exploded the internet (listen here if you haven't already!) about a month ago. Stocked with slow-burning beats and a smokey, soulful vibe, these guys sound like a twisted mashup of London Grammar-meets-Lorde with extra electronic inflections.

The band might prefer to stay anonymous even despite this success...but with their newest release, we seriously doubt they'll stay in the shadows for long. Oh, and did we mention that it's FREE?! 

Download the indie-fied, grown-up version of "Girlfriend" below, and get ready to obsess all over again.