Unwrapped: Perfect Gifts For The Horror Movie Freak

What’s there to be afraid of?

’Tis officially the season for gift-giving. For us, that’s a full month (31 days!) in which we’ll be providing gift ideas for everyone on your list with our Unwrapped holiday gift guides. So make your holiday shopping a breeze this season, and let us help you find gifts for all the people in your life—and maybe even a spoiled pet or two.

Horrors come and horrors go, but nothing is as terrifying as not knowing what to get someone in your life. If that person happens to be big on the frights and you're, well, not, then shoot, where do you even begin? Fear not! The best thing about horror movies is that they use everyday items to carry out whatever spook and scare that may flash across the silver screen. Never forget how one typewriter can lead to one man's downfall à la Stanley Kubrick and The Shining. Or even this year, with Get Out and the teacup—what a perfect, poignant, and thoughtful gift idea! Look how easy that was. The characters in horror films may not be the best at listening to common sense, but you sure are. Start here, scare later. You'll have your friend screaming for all the right reasons with these ideas.

PRINTCUTPASTE, Babadook iPhone Case, $26.25, available at Redbubble.

Ah, yes, the Babadook, everyone's favorite LGBTQIA icon. Who cares if the movie came out in 2014? The Babadook came out of the closet this year, and, we're just glad to see he's happy, doing well, and selling merch.

Spode, Blue Italian Jumbo Cup and Saucer, $26.99, available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Only true Get Out fans will understand this gift. But that's okay.

Shudder, Year-Long Subscription, $49.99/year, available at Shudder.

Subscription gifts are easy, yes, but they're also truly a gift that gets used. Shudder is AMC's horror movie-specific subscription service, delivering the best of big-budget and shamelessly indie horror films

PizzaEaters, Scary Movies Rainy Day Activity & Colouring Book, $3.36, available at Etsy.

The coloring is coming from inside the house! No, really!

Print U Always, mother! 24x36 Movie Poster, $12.99, available at Amazon.

Chances are you definitely have a friend who loves Darren Aronofsky's polarizing film mother!. Chances are that friend takes every chance they get to talk about why mother! is the best movie of the year—an artistic triumph! Show them you were listening (sometimes), by giving them the much-talked-about poster. You may want nothing to do with the movie after seeing it, but your mother! friend certainly does.

We R Memory Keepers, Typecast Typewriter, $169.99, available at Michael's.

All work and no play makes [your friend's name] a dull [noun].

Aurora, Crystal Head Vodka, $59.99, available at Total Wine.

This spirits-filled skull is the gift that keeps on giving. The empty bottle is pretty enough to display in public, repurpose as a fancy table water bottle, or even act as the base for one of those drippy wax candle projects.

Horror Movie A Day: The Book by Brian W. Collins, $24.94, available at Barnes & Noble.

Social media loves itself a hashtag challenge. Here's a challenge at which only true horror buffs will succeed.

The Dark Grimoire Tarot by Lo Scarabeo, $22.95, available at Llewellyn.

Lo Scarabeo's Dark Grimoire tarot deck is rooted in dread and designed with the intention of connecting you with your shadow. How wonderfully and horrifically enlightening!

Rachel Elich, Nosferatu Curtains, $59.99, available at CafePress.

These curtains are definitely not for the easily scared (or maybe they are, you evil gifter!) because, like, who else but a horror buff would willingly put the shadowy figure of Count Orlok in their window knowing full-well that one of these nights they'll think it real and give themselves a spook.