These Hot Dogs Will Make You Say “Hot Damn”

    Dress up your dogs

    by · July 23, 2016

    Summer isn’t over.

    Hot dogs have their day in the spotlight on July 4 when competitive eaters assemble to shove soggy ones down their throat. And then we’re all too sick to even glance at a sausage, I mean, at least until Labor Day. This even goes for us that aren’t Joey Chestnut, especially if you participated in your own low-key competition by circulating all those backyard BBQs. But, take a deep breath and get your dunk cups ready because hot dog season isn’t over yet.

    July 23 is National Hot Dog Day, in which it is our duty to seek out a hot dog so first-rate it must be celebrated (and Instagram-worthy). New York City’s scent comes alive in the summer months when boiled hotdogs radiate on midtown blocks. But, the options are limited. So, if you’re craving more than the corner stand, we’re here to help.

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