‘a hot glue gun mess’ is the funny girl’s guide to diy

    because nothing goes together like hot glue and embarrassing stories

    by · July 22, 2015

    photo via mr. kate

    Anyone who has attempted a Pinterest DIY project knows crafting is anything but easy. In fact, there are even Pinterest boards dedicated to DIY fails—some of which honestly look downright terrifying. But lifestyle blogger, YouTube star, and jewelry designer Kate Albrecht (or Mr. Kate, as she’s more commonly known) wants to change that. With her new book, A Hot Glue Gun Mess, Mr. Kate hopes to make DIY simple and empower aspiring crafters to be the expert DIYers she knows they can be.

    Inspired by out-of-the-box thinking and self-expression, Mr. Kate wants to show people how they can create unique identities through style and design. A Hot Glue Gun Mess is filled with approachable, step-by-step DIY projects and unfiltered, hilarious stories from Mr. Kate’s life. “See how my first period inspired gorgeous watercolor curtains, how my last-minute courtroom wedding sparked a no-sew tutu, and a one-night stand with the world’s most famous athlete led to a marquee-light project that brightened my home,” she said.

    This is the perfect book for the Pinterest expert searching for the next craft to tackle or the DIY novice looking to punctuate their endeavors with quirky anecdotes. Order the book here, and check out some of our favorite Mr. Kate DIY projects in the gallery.

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