Photo courtesy of Hot Topic


Hot Topic And Manic Panic Just Collaborated On An Eyeshadow Palette

And middle school me is screaming

The ultimate blast from the past is here in the form of one nostalgia-inducing collaboration. Manic Panic has teamed up with Hot Topic on an exclusive eyeshadow palette, and my angsty teenage self is having a (happy) meltdown.

To commemorate 40 years of Manic Panic and the vibrantly colored hair we've been creating in our bathrooms since middle school (and, of course, its legendary founders Tish and Snooky), the two brands joined forces to create a 12-shade bold AF palette, aptly named Amplified.

Each of the not-for-the-faint-of-heart shades matches a classic Manic Panic color, from Ultra Violet (how on brand for 2018!) and Electric Banana to Atomic Turquoise and Vampire Red. The palette also includes a couple of great neutrals for a less in-your-face look, though you can bet we’ll be smothering our lids in color only. Additionally, the packaging is covered in an old photograph of the CBGB bathroom wall for the ultimate trip back in time and includes a dual-tipped shadow brush and a mirror inscribed with, “Life’s too short to be normal.” Preach!!!

Don’t get us wrong, while we refer to this joining of brands as the ultimate throwback, Manic Panic is something we still hold dear to our hearts today. (I mean, just take a look at my head—and my stained bathtub—over the past two years for proof). But bring Hot Topic into the picture, and this majestic pairing brings us back to our early teenage days spent trolling suburban malls.

Amplified is available now for $11.90 at, or, if you really want to do it right, head to your nearest mall and buy it IRL. However, with Hot Topic’s current 25 percent off sale going on, you can snag the palette for just under nine bucks—a steal your 13-year-old self would truly appreciate.