‘How To Be Single’ Trailer With Dakota Johnson And Rebel Wilson

featuring hot-mess troupes and a whole lot of fun.

Isn’t this odd? We’ve got the preview for How To Be Single, which comes from the some of the writers and producers who brought you Couples Retreat, He's Just Not That into You, What Happens in Vegas, and Valentine's Day. Yet, some of those very same people are responsible for The New Girl, Whip It!, and other things we actually, you know, like. Curious.

How To Be Single looks like a brassy who’s who of some of our favorites: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, Jason Mantzoukas, and Alison Brie. And, yet, the troupes and jokes it seems to employ about singledom, womens' bodies, and sex look dated and just a lil’ problematic. Then again, it’s just supposed to be dumb fun, right? Right? So conflicted.

Oh, and, hey, even if she is being a bit regressive here, Wilson looks like she’s having a ball. Then again, did Johnson actually say anything in this trailer? She did, right? We can’t remember. What is happening?

We don’t understand anything anymore, but How To Be Single comes out February 12, 2016, just in time for a good Valentine’s Day laugh.