How To Do Harajuku Style In NYC

It’s all about the pink lashes

Harajuku style and beauty have been rising in New York City, as well as all over the world. Fashion market editor Marissa Smith and Harajuku-loving Alice Longyu Gao roamed around NYC, hitting up all the key places to find Japan's famed style in the city, which included some food and beauty spots. First, they stopped at Curvy Lashes and got some eyelash extensions. To make them really stand out, forget Kylie's black extensions! Go for pink instead. Second stop was to Alice's apartment to get a full-blown Harajuku makeover—sparkles and all. Finally, we hit up Matcha Cafe Wabi to get traditionally prepared matcha lattes and Japanese snacks.

Watch the video for more tips and tricks to bring Harajuku beauty and fashion into your everyday city life.