how to fake you know about a band

an infographic

Somewhere along the way, being perceived as "cool" became synonymous with knowing about every underground artist, designer, and band. And while we certainly have always been proponents of searching for up-and-coming culture creators, we realize it's impossible for anyone to have a grasp on everything that's happening in the various industry underbellies. Perhaps it's a combination of those two things, combined with humankind's inherent survival instinct (remember, in 2015, cultural relevancy is just about as important as staying free of man-eating hyenas), that has taught us to pretend we are omniscient beings. We lie about seeing certain movies, being caught up on reality TV, and, especially with festival season around the corner, knowing just about every band (real or faux) on the planet Earth. Because we know you'll probably catch yourself in a bind, we've created an infographic to help you get your way out of a sonic-based lie. Good luck, friends. May the force of every subculture be with you.