How to Seduce A Virgo

    Get down and dirty with the zodiac’s Virgin

    by · August 31, 2016

    Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Kayla at Zodiac Management

    Trying to score a date with discerning Virgo can be nothing less than intimidating. The sharply observational sixth sign won’t pass up a chance to investigate and analyze each and every prospect and suitor who steps up to them, which can sometimes feel like an invasive probing of your character, values, and personal history on a microscopic level.

    It’s not that these super-grounded earth signs aren’t romantic or fail to prioritize love; to be sure, pure Virgo the Virgin is one of the most romantic, idealistic signs when it comes to the fantasy of love. Virgo-born folks are notoriously old-fashioned in their hopes and dreams of true love and partnership, swept off their feet by sweet, honest simplicity and dashing by-the-book dating. Vanilla? Hardly. Virgo is turned on by what works logically for them in their lives, which means these practical perfectionists keep ironclad standards and shy away from putting their (hidden) sensitivity on the line for a risky character. Shy and reserved, Virgos are notoriously hard to get close to, but if you can break through their chastity belt-like defenses with patience and fairness, these upstanding intellectuals make incredibly warm, gentle lovers, balanced partners, and unparalleled caretakers.

    Ahead, everything you need to know about sidling up to Virgo, the zodiac’s loveliest brainiacs.

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