How To Survive Your First High School Reunion

    5 years, 5 tips

    by · November 28, 2016
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    The road to high school graduation is long and winding; it’s a journey almost everyone is happy to see come to an end. Especially if you go to college, it’s easy to put high school behind you and march forward into the future. But then one day, long after the smell of the cafeteria is but a distant memory, you’ll find yourself in front of your computer doing god knows what on the internet when you get a notification on Facebook—you’ve been invited to your five-year high school reunion.

    Before you make your official decision (and it usually is “official,” because you generally have to purchase a ticket for this kind of thing), go through your FB contacts and reach out to all the friends you still talk to from that time. Debate the pros and cons of attending; this will take weeks, probably. But once you and everyone you insist attend with you is finally in agreement about going, start making a grand plan for the whole evening. This essentially means focus on the only parts that really count, the pre-game and the after-party.

    The thing is, even if a part of you might dread the whole idea of a high school reunion, deep down you’re probably also, at least a little, excited about it. Even though we live in a digital age where we can keep tabs on everyone that has ever been in our lives for even one second, let alone four years, it doesn’t compare to seeing what these people are actually like IRL. Plus, if you didn’t peak during high school, you’re going to have a better time than you’d think.

    Every high school reunion is different depending on the demeanor of the crowd, but there are a few ways to guarantee that you’ll have a solid experience. Check out the five major keys to survival in the gallery, below.

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