these magnets are not an impossible project.

by faran krentcil

You love Polaroids. You do not love buying expensive (and usually extinct) Polaroid film. So you Instagram, you Photoshop, and you Hipstamatic your way to a digital version of the instant film craze. Now you can also do it with your refrigerator. These "Polaroid Magnets" put a frame around any ordinary photo, creating the illusion of a Polaroid. They stick to any magnetic surface, including fridges and filing cabinets, and they come with a wipe-away marker so you can label your creations. (Or you can use it to write a note reminding your roommate to please, for the love of god, stop drinking your soy milk - and using these is way easier than trying to spell it in your fridge's alphabet magnets.)

Magnetic Polaframes, $12 for a pack of six and a wipeable black marker.