I Wish I Was Here Soundtrack Tracklist

the soundtrack tracklist for zach braff’s I Wish I Was Here is finally, well, here.

The soundtrack tracklist for the new Zach Braff original film,

Wish I Was Here,

has finally arrived. And well, it's good—better than good. Featuring new tracks by The Shins, Bon Iver, and a special title track by Cat Power and Coldplay (yes, together!), the soundtrack, out 7/15, is sure to be epic. This is the guy who brought you

Garden State, 

so did you really expect anything else?!  (



There's no doubting that YouTube's a great and powerful force—especially with its subscription-based music service on the way. The streaming site apparently tried to coerce smaller Indie labels into accepting lower royalty rates than Spotify and Deezer. They didn't bite, so in the next few days, YouTube will begin to remove certain videos, like those by Adele and Arctic Monkeys, in some markets. (



Big Brother is watching—and reading your text messages, tweets, and annoying Facebook statuses. You tried to deceive them by using acronyms. And you did. Until now. The FBI and CIA have compiled an 83-page list of more than 2,800 acronyms. 

2,800?!?! WTF?!?!

Check out Motherboard to see the most ridiculous ones. (



Our favorite Canadian synth-soul band, Austra, released a new EP yesterday. They've definitely gone for a more beat-oriented sound this time around, making it the perfect backdrop for any and every rooftop party this summer. Our favorite tracks? "Hulluu" and "Habitat." Stream them below. (



In the late hours of last night/the wee hours of the morning (depending on your perspective), raunchy rapper Azealia Banks instigated some major Twitter beef with T.I. and his wife. Unsurprisingly, the tiff evolved to Instagram. (



In, what is perhaps the most exciting news of the day, director David Wain confirmed that there will be a 

Wet Hot American Summer 

prequel on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night. So your favorite original cast members (Paul Rudd, Michael Ian Black, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper--just to name a few), all over-40 now, will be playing 16 year olds. Wain, if you're reading, can you please make sure there's another talent show? Watch the clip below. (



File under: totally amazing. Ed Sheeran and HIlary Duff have teamed up! We hear Sheeran penned Duff's first single off her forthcoming album...just in case you needed another reason to get psyched. (

Digital Spy


In other star-studded collaboration news, Mary J. Blige joined Sam Smith onstage at the Apollo last night as he sang "Stay With Me." The result? Musical elation. (

Rolling Stone