The Insiders: Icona Pop

“you can’t just wait for a party to happen…you have to make it happen!”

by liza darwin

Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo are busy. Within the month of September alone, they've performed on David Letterman, finished their North American tour, and released their long-anticipated debut album This Is...Icona Pop. Tired yet?

Given the girls' jam-packed schedule, it makes total sense that Samsung has recruited the Swedish duo to rep their new Galaxy-Gear Smart Watch (a watch-smartphone hybrid that Jawo describes brilliantly as Inspector Gadget-meets-Zenon). Now, as they so aptly put it, "We can never be late again!"

One thing that won't hold them up, however, is doing their hair. We learned that both girls are adamant about doing their own hair, so they've recruited Tigi to give them a briefing on the perfect bedhead look....and they've been doing it all tour long. Impressive, right? 

Last night we got to see that hair---not to mention, their amazing dance skills--in action, as Icona Pop ended their tour on an epic note playing late night to a full house in Williamsburg. But before all that went down, we caught up with Hjelt and Jawo to talk about the benefits of touring with your best friend, Mexican food, and how they get the party started.

Speaking of your new watch-phones, what are some websites you guys check everyday?

Aino Jawo: Facebook and Twitter are the main ones. We love to have new contact with our fans; we think it's fun when we can't see them in person.

Considering you're always on the road together, do you share clothes?

Caroline Hjelt: Oh yeah, we always share clothes on the road! It's great because we're so different--we have different body types and like different colors, but it's kind of cool how one item can be used to mix and match. Double the wardrobe!

AJ: Especially when you've been on tour for six months and are sick of your clothes!

You've been traveling around America for a couple of years now...what has been your favorite part?

AJ: For a Swedish band, I think it's just amazing to be able to travel America by tour bus. It's like a Swedish dream to see this country! I don't think people understand how big this country is until you drive across it. 

CH: The mentality has been great; people have just been so cool showing us around, so nice, and just letting us see what's cool about their city. Super helpful. Another thing we love is finding different food places. We've been eating a lot of really great Mexican food. Chain restaurants, small restaurants, everything! 

On tour you guys have to bring the party, night after night. What tips do you have for other people to make that happen, too?

AJ: The music is the most important thing. Second is the people. You just decide to have a party tonight, and then you are the party.

CH: Yeah! It doesn't matter if you're at the coolest, hippest club, or if you're at some dive bar, you will be the party and have the best time with your friends.

AJ: You can't wait for a party to happen, you have to make it happen. Sometimes I feel like people go out and they have so many expectations--you can't go out to hit on someone or find someone new, you can't plan that.

CH: You miss stuff when you're looking for boys [Laughing]. It's important to be present in the moment. 

Who are some of your favorite designers?

AJ: One of our favorite designers is Ann-Sofie Back. She's a trendsetter and she goes her own way. We think she's really cool.

CH: She's amazing. Also, Acne! And Tiger of Sweden has amazing suits, and Dagmar. We have so many friends who do fashion--we love supporting our friends. 

AJ: They are creative souls, and we are creative souls. We're sort of doing the same thing, but the results are so different. 

Buy This Is... Icona Pop out now.