Iggy Azalea and Nick Young Play Questions From A Hat

holiday edition.

by sara tardiff

When we heard Iggy Azalea and her basketballer bae Nick Young were going to play 21 Questions, we were picturing a 50 Cent throwback of monumental proportions. And although the couple didn't get down to the '03 track, they did team up to create a super-cute video for Forever 21. Decked out in cozy holiday pajamas, the duo drew random questions out of a pom-pom beanie and quizzed each other on their deepest embarassments, their favorite Christmas movies, and their favorite holidays (Cinco de Mayo, anyone?). Oh, and Nick threw a few questions of his own in there, like Nick Young or Channing Tatum? Tough choice, Iggy-Ig.

Find out the couple's hilarious answers and watch Iggy get sassy as ever below. Then head over to Forever 21 to 'unwrap style' with Nick and Iggy.