The 10 Things In Iggy Azalea’s New Video That Make Us Dead Inside

    r.i.p. our souls

    by · March 31, 2016

    Today, singer/rapper Iggy Azalea released the official video for “Team,” the first song off of her upcoming album Digital Distortion. We watched it and now, alas, are dead inside. Once our world was full of color. Now there are only shades of grey... and Iggy Azalea. Weep for us and weep for Azalea, who deserves better (no matter what you happen to think of her).

    Now, members of the living dead, we wanted to go back and find out exactly what happened to us. We wanted to explain to those of you who mourn us what caused our inner demise. Thus, we’ve picked out the 10 moments in “Team” that caused our souls with wither like flowers in the snow, and turned them into GIFs. Trust us, these little animated snippets make “Team” look way more lively than it really is.

    You can flip through those moments below, and, if you really want to risk your own inner demise, watch the video above. God be with you if you do. As for us, we are in a place beyond hope. Bye.

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