In Bed With Us, Episode 5: “Saying Sorry”

Our New Series, Featuring Couples Where They’re Most Intimate—In Bed.

The bed: It’s where you sleep, dream, and have sex. It’s where you and your person whisper and cuddle, and for many, it’s a place of extreme vulnerability, honesty, and truth. So, we decided that for our series that takes an intimate look at relationships, we wanted to see what would happen when we took couples, put them in bed, and filmed them talking about themselves. What’s more intimate than that?

This week, we're talking about the "S" word: sorry. Apologizing isn't that difficult, but doing it with meaning is. We want what's best for our partners, lovers, and significant others, while also making sure we look out for our own well-being. That, sometimes, can lead to doing things that don't sit right with the other party. The question then becomes, how much pride are you willing to set aside? How much apologizing is enough and when does it become too much? Indeed, "sorry" can lose its meaning if uttered too often, and with a lack of conviction or follow-through. Admitting fault and taking the blame is the first step toward better trust. What you do afterward, how you build yourself up from the fall and support one another, is the next, bigger one. But you've got to begin somewhere and that somewhere is "sorry."  

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