Watch The Teaser for Season Two Of Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’

We’re hella confused, tempted, and lit

It’s been seven months since the last episode of Issa Rae’s Insecure (not that we’ve been counting… yes, we’ve been counting). Seven months too long. Thankfully, the comedy is coming back July 23, and now, we have a vague look into the new season.

In a teaser posted by Rae, Issa is shown sitting in her car at a stop sign. In the couple of minutes it takes for the light to turn green, her mind starts to wander. Her thoughts gravitate first toward the land of “hella confused,” where she’s propped on a couch with her now-ex Lawrence. Next, to the land of “hella tempted” and her other ex Daniel. And last, to the land of “hella lit,” where her friends reside. And where she should probably stay throughout the season. This is all soundtracked to Frank Ocean and Calvin Harris’ “Slide,” because there’s clearly nothing more summer- and California-appropriate.

Yeah, so, not much is revealed in the short clip, but, if anything, it's got us hella hyped for what is to come. And with the show now airing the same night as Game of Thrones, it’s looking like Sunday’s going to be a damn good night for television this summer.