insta files friday: 10 awesome apothecaries

taking beauty au naturale.

by blair cannon

We already know what awesome things to expect in our feeds every day: cupcakes, beaches, rad outfits of the day, and baby animals—lots of baby animals. But beauty products on Instagram? That's where the social media platform is seriously lacking.

Even though there's no way to test out the products (unless you've got Willy Wonka's teleport-friendly television), beautiful beauty balms and lotions should totally have a place on Instagram. Whether it's a product's pretty packaging, or the gorgeous array of herbs and flowers that it was made out of, there's a ton of room to gain beauty and DIY inspiration.

We rounded up 10 apothecaries from all over the world that are killing the Instagram game with seriously pretty pics of their natural products and holistic processes, and everything in between. These concoctions and the places where they're made are seriously breathtaking, so scroll through the gallery to check 'em out.


Cooking up everything from teas and honeys to toners and tattoo balms, Portland Apothecary’s focus is making natural and healthy remedies for every season’s maladies.


Shae Whitney, the alchemy genius behind Colorado’s DRAM Apothecary, makes some beautiful teas, bitters, and syrups—and we’re sure they taste amazing, too.


Homestead Apothecary in Oakland, California has an Instagram that’s not only stocked with all of their rad beauty products—it’s full of pretty crystals and adorable puppies too. (How do they know us so well?)


Denver apothecary Fig + Yarrow’s small-batch, handcrafted products should bring out the serious DIY-er in you (or at least, the serious online shopper).


Golden Apothecary is the brainchild of two rad Nashville girls and their love of all-natural beauty products. They only have a few products of their own right now, but they sure know how to Instagram them.


Even the name of this apothecary is pretty good sign that all of the products are coming straight from the Earth. Plantfolk’s products are not only beautifully packaged, they’re made with the tiny company’s own herbs, grown right in New Mexico to ensure total quality. Talk about DIY. 


Northern California artisan beauty product maker UrbApothecary uses only organic materials, and every part of the process is done by hand.


Organic skincare line Farmaesthetics has been whipping up awesome products since 1999, and is currently an artisan vendor for Blake Lively’s site, Preserve.


Shari Sweeney of Truly Aesthetic started out in science before she realized that her true calling was organic, all-natural bath and beauty products (and taking killer Instagram pictures, too, apparently).


Tales of the Wild Botanicals is a shop owned by a Canadian couple with a serious knack for both making amazing concoctions, and photographing them in majorly creative ways.