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insta files friday: fab female djs

turn it up.

No party is complete with a rocking playlist. And some people are so good at making playlists (and mixing them together to create their own original sounds), that they can make a career of it. And that is why we will always have major respect for DJs.

These 10 gals have proven that the world of electronic and dance music isn't just a boy's club. In fact, some girl power can do the music industry and the club scene a whole lot of good. With their wild talent and ear for the hottest mixes, these women have risen up to become some of the coolest It Girl DJs on the scene right now.

Whether they're globetrotting to music festivals or spinning some tunes at one of our very own NYLON bashes, they seriously know how to get the party started—and their Instagrams give us a peek into their ultra-cool lives both in and out of the DJ booth. Flip through the gallery to see (and follow) the music-makers on our radar.

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Australian DJ Anna Lunoe may have gotten her start spinning her favorite tunes on her radio show and in clubs, but her innovative mixing style has lead her to create her own eclectic tracks. Frequently mixing future bass with house and rap with Baltimore Club, Lunoe has developed her own distinctive style.


Model-turned-DJ Eva Shaw may have started DJing for fun, but once her spinning skills started gaining her more and more jobs, she dropped her Ford modeling contract to turn to music full time. And her career doesn't show any signs of slowing down—the DJ plans to release a new song every three months.


New York City It Girl Hannah Bronfman is truly a Renaissance woman. While DJing on the side, she is also a model and entrepreneur with her own health and lifestyle website, HB Fit.


With an Insta feed filled with pretty snapshots and hilarious "#notestomyselfie" words of wisdom, Jilly Hendrix is by far one of the coolest girls on the web. It's no surprise she's acquired such a presence in the fashion world, spinning for clients like Louis Vuitton, Betsey Johnson, and Marc Jacobs.


Whether she's behind the camera lens, her phone, or the turntable, Leslie Kirchhoff knows how to make a hit. The photographer/DJ has shot for magazines like Vogue and GQ, and has spun tunes for Tommy Hilfiger, Topshop, and NYLON.


DJ and visual artist Quiana Parks is known for her infectious mixes that blend pop with classic disco, R&B, and electronic music. As a survivor of Lymphoma, she also founded DJ for a Cure, an organization that aims to awareness of cancer through art.


A former backup dancer, Samantha Duenas is no stranger to the stage. As a DJ, she has opened for Childish Gambino on his 2012 Camp tour, and has also supported the likes of Erykah Badu and Boyz II Men. 


Model and DJ Tamara Sky can be found globetrotting while spinning some major tracks, as well as some major looks. The creative maven's Instagram is filled with some of the best outfit inspiration ever.


Former stylist Nikki Pennie knows her way around the British fashion sphere (she outfitted Kate Middleton!), which is probably why she was able to jump into the music biz with such style. She was trained by music producer Dave Garnish—the same guy who taught Paris Hilton to spin.


A NYLON party regular, Jasmine Solano is a girl after our own hearts. Her killer personal style and flawless tracks never fail. You can even scope out her behind-the-scenes life by following her DJ journey as she hosts MTV’s “Scratch the Surface."