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insta files friday: absolutely enchanting witches

#blessed be.

Everyone can use a little more magic. Whether it's through the use of healing crystals or feng shui, we're all about restoring balance and inviting some good vibes into our lives. With their deep connection to nature and elevated spiritual awareness, witches inspire us to get in touch with the magic around us at all times. So for a daily dose of enchanting imagery, we turn to our favorite witches on Instagram.

With feeds filled with stunning photos of nature, tarot decks, and spirtual tips, these women have used tech to make magic just a little more accessible to us. Click through the gallery to see our favorite lovely witches to follow on Instagram and get ready to become spellbound.

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This green witch and photographer fills her feed with shadowy nature shots and spooky forest scenes. Just turn on the soundtrack from Pan's Labyrinth and start scrolling for a delightfully dark Insta experience.


High priestess of three covens, this Dutch witch has one of the best crystal collections we've seen. She captures her daily and special occasion rituals, sharing tips for living a more magical life along the way.


As a Celtic witch, this Priestess Daughter of the Moon Avalon fills her feed with stunning shots of her altar and healing crystal chakra grids, giving off majorly good vibes in each photo.


Professional witch and tarot reader Paige Zaferiou uses her Instagram to give #dailytarot advice and snapshots of her magical San Francisco life.


A Scottish studier of the old craft, Lexi handcrafts pentacles and enchanting talisman necklaces. Her feed is a mix of all things magical and wonderful: crystals, nature, tarot cards, and more.


Sharing photos of gorgeous healing crystals (that she sells!) and envy-induging natural beauty products, the Hoodwitch shows her followers how to live an enchanted life wherever they live. This is witchcraft for the modern woman.


Queer artist, designer, and occultist Fay Nowitz shares haunting images of magical set-ups: Think candles, pentagrams, and altars galore. She even sells her handmade creations on Etsy.


It's hard to say what's more beautiful—this witch's Instagram photos, her lunar-inspired watercolor paintings, or her poetic photo captions. All three come together to make her feed a must-follow.


Equipped with a supply of crystals, altar additions, sage, and incese, this Canadian hedgewitch keeps her photos magical and her witch supply shop fully stocked with all of your enchanting needs.