Instagram Might Go Rated R

“there have been discussions”

For months now, Instagram has been under hot fire for its contradictory nudity policy, specifically with all the #FreetheNipple and nonsense surrounding censoring female bodies on the photo-sharing app. During Vanity Fair's New Establishment Summit in San Francisco on Tuesday, cofounder Kevin Systrom said that he is in the process of looking into alternative options to resolve the sensitive issue.

This prompted panelist Katie Couric to ask him about the possibility of an "R-rated" version of the app, to which he replied that "there have been discussions." From there, Systrom went on to say that Instagram's service is not in the business of hosting porn, though. "We focus on people being able to express themselves in beautiful ways," said Systrom.

No official confirmation on R-rated Insta yet, so those of you who partake in naked selfies will have to keep them on Snapchat.

(via Mashable)