Instagram’s New Search Bar Will Make Your Life Easier

Less scrolling, more stalking

Instagram is changing at the speed of light and while we can't always keep up, we can, at least, try to keep track so you don't have to. The demise of the chronological timeline has everyone freaking out, but now the company is busy working on something else. (Perhaps as a distraction mechanism?) 

The latest feature being test-driven on the app is a new search bar that will allow users to search through a specific person's followers. If activated on your account, the search bar will appear under the "Followers" and "Following" sections.

The feature has been enabled for a select number of users, so it might not make it past the trial phase. Obviously, some people are going to love this feature. I mean, it makes creeping on someone so much easier because you don't have to endlessly scroll to find whatever it is that you're looking for. For others, it will seem like an intrusion.

What happened to the simple days when an update on Instagram meant a new filter shade? Sigh.

(via Mashable)