into to painting

the easiest nail art tool ever.

by faran krentcil

In our quest for the perfect nail art, we've tried painting our nails with just about everything: We've used bobby pins to make a dalmatian print, nail wraps to create metallic effects - we've even scraped real thorns from a rose stem to copy a vintage Vogue manicure from the '90s. (Remember that one?) But our friends at Nail Fraud have more than just a clever name - they have a clever tool that actually makes nail art incredibly easy. This summer, Nail Fraud introduces sheets of nail stencils, tiny enough to fit onto your fingers and sticky enough to stay while you paint them.

There are numbers, letters, and shapes like flowers, hearts, skulls, and birds. Those of you who enjoy painting your nails freehand, we'd never in a million years tell you to stop. But if you're dying for one perfect star or moon and you don't want to pay a manicurist to get it, these are a very good tool to stash in your bathroom.

Nail Fraud Nail Stencils, $10 per pack.