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    by · August 29, 2014

    This September, we’re all about the funny people, obvi, since Aubrey Plaza graces the cover of our Fashion Issue.

    Sure, Instagram is full It Girls and emerging photographers, but how many of those accounts do you follow just get a good laugh? Whether you’re stuck in traffic, having a bad day at work, or need a really good distraction from too much studying, these 10 hilarious accounts on Instagram will totally make you LOL.

    It’s sometimes hard to believe that our favorite models actually can have it all: beauty, brains, and a sense of humor. But when it comes to Tilda Lindstam, that’s exactly what you get. The runway lady’s Instagram consists of mostly photos of her gorgeous face, but the kicker are her captions. Go check it out!

    @fuckjerryHardly ever does a post show up in my feed from @fuckjerry that I don’t get a really good laugh out of. He finds the best stuff on the Internet and shares it right here (plus you can find really amazing GIFs on his Tumblr). Seriously--so good.

    Also an epic Tumblr, “Will It Beard” is an arts-y and hilarious Instagram account, by Pierce Thiot. One day Thiot started using his beard at work instead of a pocket to hold his pens. Thinking it was a totally genius idea (which it is), he started sticking other stuff in his beard and photographing it. Follow him to see it filled with photos, each hosting a different collection of objects that Thiot decorates his beard with—from balloons to gummy bears to googly eyes. His beard-as-canvas art is totally weird (and incredibly fun).

    This entire Instagram account exists to take photos of the funniest brand names you’ve definitely never heard of. From labels like “Anxiety Café” to “So, Basic” these are definitely brands we’d love to see do a show at Fashion Week.

    Kentucky-native and 86-year-old Baddie started this Instagram with her granddaughter. In it she wears meme tees and halter tops, and dyes her hair pink. Perhaps, though, the best part about this account is it’s info description, “Stealing your man since 1928.”

    Take a look at Chloe Wise’s Instagram and you will totally wish you were friends with her. The NYC-based artist makes paintings and sculptures incorporating cultural references and her relationship with Judaism--but it’s not as serious as it sounds. There’s her selfie croc painting, her pepperoni nipple sculpture, and, who could forget the music video she made with her parents eating ice cream?!

    We take our love of pizza pretty seriously here at NYLON, which is why we were stoked to stumble upon the Pizza Slime Instagram. The feed is for the brand of the same name and they’re cultivating the “pizza-slime” aesthetic through hilarious memes, pizza photos, and animals dressed as people.

    Imagine if you had art class with the cast of Mean Girls. Yeah, it would basically be exactly like this Instagram account, which pairs iconic works of art with you favorite Mean Girls quotes. Major win-win.

    Remember the “Hot Guys With Dogs” Tumblr?! This is just as good. Think bad-ass dudes, with sweet-looking puppies, #softcore.

    Yes, all of these accounts are hilarious, but an entire round-up of actual comedians on Instagram might be it’s own good post (stay tuned for that). Until then, we couldn’t help but put funny guy B.J. Novak’s Instagram in this list, seeing as his photos of weird signs and ads, and hilarious book blurbs are definitely worth the follow.

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