Iris Apfel’s Happy Socks Collaboration Is Perfect For The Holidays

Seriously, can we just buy them all?

The following feature appears in the December/January 2017 issue of NYLON.

Iris Apfel wears several hats, ranging from interior designer to businesswoman to trendsetter. And now, in addition to hats, the 95-year-old global style icon also wears socks—Happy Socks that is.

This season she has teamed up with the cheerful brand to create a few styles guaranteed to add some joy to your step. Here, Apfel fills us in on the inspirations behind the collaboration.

How did you choose the patterns for this collection?

Items, fabrics, and colors that I enjoy inspired the designs. I love animals, so there are sheep and bunnies. I’m referred to as a “rare bird of fashion” so you’ll see a quirky bird as well. The patchwork print was inspired by a housecoat I’ve had for ages. I surround myself with all of these things and they naturally fit into the collection.

Who do you picture wearing these socks? I think there is something for everybody. I see young people loving them, but I’ve also given them to older gentlemen friends who are more reserved, and they wear and appreciate them, too.

Do you have a favorite pair of socks from this collection?

I love them all, but I have a particular fondness for the plump little sheep. They’re so cuddly.

What is most exciting to you about this collaboration?

I love the brand—it makes people smile. I also love to design and thought it would be a perfect combination. With socks, you can feel creative and stylish even if you aren’t outspoken with your style. Socks can be your own stylish secret that people only catch a glimpse of ever so slightly. I thought I could help the world have happy feet. 

Iris Apfel for Happy Socks, $14 each,