isaora fall ’14

Innovative, forward thinking products that perform exceptionally and look great…

by Josh Madden

ISAORA Fall '14

In 2009 an innovative brand called ISAORA was launched with a well-edited product range developed with an obsession for all things innovative. The forward-thinking designers set out to develop products that perform exceptionally and look great. In its fifth year the brand continues to focus entirely utilizing the best fabrications, latest innovations, and state-of-the-art construction to make clothes that sacrifice nothing.

The ISAORA team aims to marry the functional benefits of high performance technical apparel with a progressive, forward aesthetic, and in our opinion they're going above and beyond that goal. Each season designers set out to address the demands of an active modern lifestyle, and we've grown continually bigger fans of the brand for doing just that.

This week we got to have a firsthand look at the fall '14 collection, which just happens to be the largest collection the brand has ever developed. The clothes look amazing, and as we walked through each piece with designers Ricky Hendry and Marc Daniels, we were shown the intricate performance-ready details. This is by far the most technologically advanced collection ISAORA has delivered yet--the range of fabrics utilized make it the most beautiful one, too!

What's more exciting is that the brand has taken all of its sales in-house, which means instead of selling our products to third party stores now they bring them directly to the consumer. And even better, the offerings are exclusive. This also means the collection is more competitively priced and now people who appreciate that perfect trifecta of performance, style, and quality can afford mark-ups.

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