It Was Romance’s New Video Is A Remake Of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal”

A ’90s dream come true

In case you haven't heard, singer-songwriter Lane Moore started a rock band called It Was Romance. In addition to Moore, the group consists of Alejandro Triana (guitar), Angel Lozada (drums), and Jeff Connors (bass). Today, we're premiering the music video for their latest single “Hooking Up With Girls,” which is bound to make you feel nostalgic.

Directed by Moore, the video is a shot-by-shot remake of Fiona Apple's “Criminal” video. The single is featured on Apple's debut album Tidal, which turned 20 this past weekend. "Fiona Apple has always been a huge influence for me musically, and I knew I wanted to pay homage to my favorite '90s music videos," Moore said. "So when I realized the 'Criminal' video had a lot of similar visual and lyrical themes about vague sexual exploits that aren't what they seem and are confusing and frustrating, it all clicked."

Moore went above and beyond to recreate the iconic video, searching for similar houses and costumes. Spoiler alert: She even added '90s MTV title cards. The visuals go hand in hand with the track's heated lyrics, which describe an on-again, off-again relationship.

"I wrote 'Hooking Up With Girls' because I was in a relationship with someone I couldn't ever really get a read on. What we were seemed to change constantly and I honestly didn't care what we were or weren't. I just wanted to know whatever the hell it was," Moore said.

Download the band's self-titled debut album at iTunes, and watch your youth recreated above.