Jaden Smith’s Explosive “LABOR V2” Is The Track You’ve Been Waiting For

Listen + vibe here

If there still are any doubts that Jaden Smith is coasting by on his last name, we don't really know how to address that. In the past few years, the prodigy has starred in films and campaigns, put out a steady stream of atmospheric songs, launched his own clothing and lifestyle brand (MSFTSrep), and worked to challenge gender norms. But if that doesn't impress you all that much, perhaps his latest work, "LABOR V2," will. 

Released to celebrate his 18th birthday, "LABOR V2" is a six-minute track filled with twists and turns. Immensely cinematic, it kicks off with a grand violin arrangement. Slowly, drums and soft chants are brought in, building anticipation. Using that to his advantage, he waxes about his experience with fame and the current pop culture landscape. He tackles consumerism, the contempt that people have for others, the dangers of ignorance, and racial bias. Its subject matter is heavy, giving the song a paradoxical tranquil restlessness that most veteran artists strive to create. It practically begs for it to be played on loop, so press play below (again and again).