Jaden Smith Stars In Louis Vuitton’s Women’s Campaign And It’s Amazing

this is in no way a drill.

Update: Now there's video (embedded above). Amazing, mysterious video. Jaden is so very Jaden in it.

As reported, 2015 was the year Jaden Smith said and did many things—many elevated things. Among the many, many elevated things he said was that his attempts to change fashion for the better was, “all about creating, and dressing a generation, and helping a generation.”

Well, it seems the young prophet is putting all that Smith money where his very special mouth is in 2016. Just yesterday, Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere unveiled shots from the storied brand’s Spring/Summer 2016 womenswear campaign—shots featuring, that’s right, Jaden Smith.

We are all witnesses:

Aside from the fact that we’re seeing a man—a famous man—modeling women’s clothing for a historic brand, there are some other amazing things to drink in here. First off, Smith looks only a tad different wearing the women’s Spring collection than he does wearing his own, personal wardrobe. Skirts are not exactly new territory for him, though perhaps this is the shortest one cameras have captured him in. In these photos by Bruce Weber, he seems at normal and natural (well, normal and natural for him) even if that sweater might be a new ripple for the teen star. 

And this is all for the good. Look, Jaden Smith is what they used to call a “character.” It's fun to smirk at his uniqueapproach to life and living. That said, seeing a man we know so well being comfortable in a high-fashion women’s campaign is a net positive for everyone—queer or not—who dresses somewhere off the straight and narrow. 

Granted, there’s a history of men appearing in women’s clothing in fashion campaigns—but those instances we’re meant as provocative escapes from the norm. This, though, shows a man dressing not that far away from how he normally tends to do, just with clothing designed for another sex. Sure, some people will take this as a provocation. Yet, in their way, these shots aren’t provocative at all. Good on ya, Jay. You do you.