So James Franco Is In Another Movie And This Time It’s A Horror Film

Watch the trailer for ‘The Vault’

In hardly shocking news, James Franco has another new movie out. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen the trailer for his new HBO series The Deuce, in which the tireless actor plays two characters, and one for for The Disaster Artist, in which he both stars in and directs. Somewhere along the way he found the time to make an appearance in a dark indie called The Vault. The trailer, which was released today, introduces the movie as a heist thriller, centering around two sisters (Taryn Manning and Francesca Eastwood) who rob a bank so they can save their brother, played by Scott Haze. Franco shows up as the bank manager who tells the girls that the money is “down below,” in the “old vault.” That’s when the movie morphs into something unexpected.

It turns out the old vault is home to some very creepy figures with bags over their heads, and they’re out for blood. The Vault isn’t a heist movie at all, but rather a good old fashioned horror movie. Which makes sense, since it was directed by Dan Bush, who made the 2007 horror movie The Signal. The question here is: What does Franco’s character know and when did he know it? The other question is, why does a star of Franco’s calibre choose to act in projects as under-the-radar as this one? One clue could be the appearance of Haze, who has starred in several of Franco’s directorial efforts. The two are close friends, so it’s possible that Franco was just doing his buddy a solid to give his movie some more juice. 

Based on the article we just wrote, it worked! Check out the trailer above.