Your January Horoscopes Are Here

What the stars have in store for you this month

by christie craft

General: cut the tension

Oh, what a year it’s been! We’re all glad to lay 2016 to rest, but not so fast—Mercury, the quicksilver god of communication and technology, has other ideas. This guy doesn’t let go of the past easily, especially when this fast-moving planet is mired in its infamous retrograde phase. Indeed, Mercury finishes out the “bad three weeks” of retrograde in the first week of 2017, highlighting the importance of wrapping up the loose ends of yesterday’s conflicts and troubles. For some signs, this will mean making outward changes to their physical self, home space, financial standing, business alliances, or social circle. But not a single sign will be able to ignore Mercury’s insistence on turning inward and addressing our foundational selves and fortifying the strength of our values and integrity for the coming year. Simply put: Moving forward toward next year’s goals won’t be possible until we face the past, so expect the resurgence of yesterday’s ghosts until Mercury gets his act together and turns direct on January 8.

On January 12, the moon will shift to its fullest point in the month, right at home in water sign Cancer. Yes, this sign is Lady Luna’s comfort zone, but this lunation packs a heavyweight punch to the gut with emotionally explosive, unpredictable, and downright prickly energy. Since both Cancer and the moon rule all things domestic, home and family life are poised to take center stage, sending a shocking shotgun blast to these areas with revelations you may not feel ready to handle. Don’t fret—before this cosmic storm hits landfall, fair-minded Venus will intertwine with imaginative, compassionate Pisces on January 3 where they’ll stay in embrace until February 3. This month-long aspect blesses the more hot-tempered and emotionally eruptive signs with a cool stream of forgiveness and unconditional love. Each and every one of you have what it takes to put out any surprise fires in a diplomatic, even-tempered way.

Once the sun moves into super-compatible air sign Aquarius on January 19, all 12 signs of the zodiac will feel stronger than ever to begin seriously planning their futures. A glorious new moon in electric, eccentric Aquarius on January 27 will send nourishing vibes to our senses of self-esteem and confidence, encouraging you to celebrate your individuality, unique talents, and remarkable achievements. Let your freak flag fly with absolutely no apologies: You’re bound to turn some heads, and maybe even meet some interesting new love interests—plural! The next day on January 28, Mars will stoke the flames of passion as he moves into Aries, a position that graces some with the wherewithal and courage to live life authentically while cursing others with an uncharacteristically ungovernable temper. It’s up to you to master this molten energy and carve out your idea of a picture-perfect life. Until March 9, we’ve all got more than enough energy (and luck!) to manifest our most intimate dreams.

Aries: gotta have faith

Mercury retrograde is still riding its wave of infamy as 2017 blossoms—not exactly the blast-off start to the new year you go-getter Aries have been craving. You’re ready to forge ahead into the frontier of the future, but not so fast: Mercury won’t let you move a muscle without wrapping up some unfinished business from 2016. Out of all the signs, you rams can’t stand to be stuck in the past; but trust that this rather vexing retrograde period is utterly necessary for new growth. For the first week of 2017, you’ll have all the tools you need to go within yourself and pinpoint exactly what needs to change—and what (or who) needs to get trashed. On January 8, pesky trickster Mercury will begin moving direct again, shooting you out of a cannon and moving forward into 2017. Have faith in yourself and the process early on—this may just be your best year yet.

Just as you think you’re back in control, an aggravating, frustrated full moon in Cancer on January 12 is poised to send a shotgun blast to your domestic life. Getting mixed up in a family feud, roommate dispute, or troubles with your live-in partner will be all too easy; everyone is thorny and emotionally vulnerable, making quarrels explosive and unavoidable. Understand that (literally) everyone is agitated and high-strung during this full moon—trust me, it’s not personal. Do your best to avoid unnecessary conflicts mid-month by taking a jaunt out of town, preferably with your sweetheart to someplace off the grid and disconnected from technology. Taking a short trip away from your family and home life is just the ticket to recharging your super-spent batteries.

At month’s end, an exciting Aquarius new moon in your social life and friendship sector presents you with a wealth of opportunities for networking with new friends and associates. You might meet some new folks in a rather unusual setting, but this will seem more adventurous and fun than strange to you, Aries. A day later on January 28, Mars, your assertive ruler, will be right at home in your sign where he’ll stay until March 9. Take charge of this aggressive Martian energy to make new moves in the workplace—the cherry on top of a very busy month!

Taurus: ride the waves

After several stifling months of feeling powerless in gaining traction in your career, the fog will finally begin to lift early in 2017. Mercury—who’s been in retrograde since mid-December, stalling many professional projects—will turn direct on January 8, sending a steady stream of authority to your sign. Directly after January 8, you can expect to notice strong, steady growth in your goals at work, especially when it comes to the publishing and communications industries, or anything with an international focus. What’s more, any lingering contractual or legal negotiations from last year will see resolution as soon as pesky Mercury gets his act together and begins traveling direct.

An emotionally charged full moon in gushy Cancer on January 12 may shine an unforgiving light on secrets and clandestine information, potentially putting you in the crosshairs of unkind gossip. Whatever springs forth won’t be the kind of thing you’d ever want out in the open, so be very cautious of who you trust with private info now. The flipside to this aspect is accidentally divulging personal, private information of a friend or colleague to the wrong party. Mercury may be out of retrograde, but loose lips will sink ships this month. Furthermore, this powerful Cancer full moon could mean stormy waters in negotiations or dramatic tidal waves involving a sibling’s emotional struggle. It’ll be hard to not get intimately involved in cleaning up someone else’s mess mid-month.

Fortunately, you’ll be back in your comfort zone—e.g., making money and fortifying your professional success—by month’s end when a gilded new moon in Aquarius showers your career with golden glitter on January 27. The days around this New Moon are ideal for launching new businesses or expanding entrepreneurial projects. No matter how you decide to use this transformative energy, it’s perfectly poised to electrify your professional goals. Music to your earthy ears!  

Gemini: a positive direction

While the first week of 2017 might be something of a snooze for other signs, you Geminis are lucky enough to find yourselves in one of the most favorable positions for boosting your career prospects. Within the first days of January, no doubt you’ll notice warmth and harmony emanating from the top dogs of your industry and most influential superiors around your workplace. Thanks to sweetheart Venus dancing at the top of your chart—in your career sector—from January 3 through February 3, expect to feel extra appreciated and embraced for your talents.

With your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, in retrograde since mid-December, you might’ve experienced some irritating roadblocks, especially regarding real estate, loans, mortgage applications, negotiations, and legal agreements. Missing or incomplete paperwork could have left you at a standstill in your progress, but once Mercury goes direct on January 8, swift changes can be expected toward a positive resolution by mid-month.

Though you’ll be riding a wave of confidence at work, your achievements likely won’t bring immediate material gains—that’ll take a little more time. Frustrations surrounding your finances may crest near the Cancer full moon on January 12, either signaling an end to a lucrative source of side income (think: freelance work and part-time or seasonal gigs) or an unexpected expense that stresses your wallet as well as your savings account. Fortunately, this loss doesn’t appear to directly hit your career, and you may be able to find a sympathetic ear in a supervisor or manager at work. A raise in salary isn’t probable this month, but rest assured there’s a healthy boost in your earnings on the horizon. Investing in yourself through extra training, schooling, certificates, or professional licenses may be necessary to market your plethora of skills. If you’re thinking of expanding your education or professional training, bet on the Aquarius new moon on January 27 to provide the right mix of opportunity and inspiration to set you off in the right direction for success.

Cancer: taking out the trash

You’re no different than any other sign this new year—you’re ready for big changes in 2017. What sets you crabs apart, though, is your honesty and tenacity in addressing and executing major shifts in your life this month. January won’t be an easy one, but you’ll have a surplus of inner strength to make the best choices for yourself and your future, even if that means cutting out some negative bits (and people). In fact, any other time, these sorts of emotionally tectonic movements might’ve threatened to break you. Now, ain’t nobody got time for that—especially not you, Cancer.

Mischievous Mercury has been traveling retrograde since mid-December, but on January 8 the tricky messenger planet will station direct in your partnership sector. Committed Cancers who might have had trouble seeing eye-to-eye with their partners in the past weeks will begin to find common ground together in order to come to significant agreements in life decisions. If you’ve been arguing or have had to table certain issues because things have gotten a tad too heated, resolution through productive conversations and heartfelt bonding can begin again after January 8. If you have to break some uncomfortable news to your partner, be sure to do so before the massive full moon in your sign on January 12.

Why? This full moon has vulnerability written all over it—and not the normal, healing vulnerability you water babies crave in your intimate relationships. The days around January 12 are poised to crack you wide open, leaving your gushy crustacean center tender and emotionally volatile. This is one stressed-out full moon, and if you’ve felt neglected, ignored, or unfulfilled somehow emotionally, either at work or in your interpersonal (and especially romantic) relationships, you’re poised to pop off. During this lunation, it will become abundantly clear that something will need to change dramatically to restore an essential sense of emotional security and balance. What’s more, you’re the only one who holds the keys to the kingdom of your happiness—you and you alone must champion the big changes.

By month’s end, you might feel emotionally exhausted (to say the least). One excellent strategy for beating those blues is focusing squarely on your professional goals. An ingenious Aquarius new moon on January 27, along with assertive Mars moving into your sign on the 28, fills you with the enthusiasm and gusto to go for the gold at work. Don’t expect the hustle to stop any time soon, either—go-getter Mars will be stationed in Cancer until March 9, putting the fire in your belly to accept nothing less than golden success.

Leo: who’s the boss?

Starting fresh in 2017 is a welcome oasis from the hectic holiday season, but instead of glittery confetti, the start of your New Year leaves you drowning in paperwork. This isn’t anything new; you’re practically mummified in red tape and deja-vu-like redos still lingering from 2016, all thanks to Mercury still hanging out in his retrograde phase. Keep a cool head during the first week of January—consider this period a time of untangling and achieving greater organization to bolster your productivity and efficiency in 2017. Once the trickster planet Mercury returns to his direct path on January 8, you’ll feel an immediate jolt setting you in the driver’s seat of your destiny.

Old friends and acquaintances can be expected to materialize from the woodwork around a festive new year, but you’ll feel compelled to spend the lion’s share of January working out some past emotional pangs solo. Out of all the signs, you truly appreciate the warmth of friendly company, however watch the dates around January 12 when a tense full moon in Cancer drives you into a solitary space of uncharacteristically deep contemplation. This is one stressed-out full moon, one that leaves almost all signs emotionally stripped, vulnerable, and unpredictably volatile. If you’ve been dating, a casual romantic relationship has the potential to implode unexpectedly during this lunation. Leonine parents might hit a wall with misbehaving or uncontrollable kids, leaving you completely overwhelmed. Alternatively, you may have been avoiding a pressing legal matter that can no longer be ignored. In all of these scenarios, the universe will call you to directly confront the matters at hand with logic and patience. Watch your temper—overreacting emotionally during the week of this super-charged full moon will bring the opposite of your desired outcome.

Holding steady through the storm mid-month promises a treasure trove of benefits toward the end of January, especially when it comes to exciting romantic developments. A brilliant new moon in your polar opposite sign Aquarius on January 27 is just what you need to restore your characteristic gregariousness and social flexibility. Things between you and your boo feel extra magical now—and just like that, things appear to be falling into place as you fall in love.

Virgo: major gains

Being ruled by Mercury, the quicksilver messenger god and all-out trickster character of the cosmos, certainly has its perks for you as 2017 opens. While the rest of the zodiac is racked with the stressors of tying up the loose ends of last year, you’re in the zone. You Virgos are the shrewd tacticians of the 12 signs, which means sticking your nose in the past (briefly) to mentally scan, sort, and catalogue all the details of what worked—and what failed—in 2016 is right up your alley. What would intimidate a less meticulous sign positively energizes you in the first week of January as your ruling planet makes his final retrograde rounds before moving direct on January 8.

Even better than Mercury moving direct is love goddess planet Venus shimmying and shaking her way through your partnership sector from January 3 through early February, beaming a striking power-up to your love life. The electrifying effect on your magnetism and self-confidence can be felt immediately, and all Virgos—single or attached—will feel more physically beautiful and stylish than you can remember. What a way to start a new year! Upgrading your wardrobe, booking beauty treatments, or going for an all-out dramatic makeover will have gorgeous results on your physical and mental state after January 8.

In matters of the heart, committed Virgos have a month of highlighted harmony, peace, and warm, loving vibes with your partner. Those of you dating appear to be on the cusp of something more serious—and this Venus transit might just be the tipping point in taking a romantic tryst to the next level (think big here: exclusivity, engagement, co-habitation, or even pregnancy—practice safe sex if you’re not ready for parenthood!). Business alliances formed during this month will be extremely fortuitous for your creativity as well as lucrative, since sweet Venus rules material gains and money as well as beauty, romance, and sexual expression.

You’ve got the most covetable month ahead—but it’s not all wine and roses. On January 12, a full moon in water sign Cancer could throw a toaster into the bathtub of your social life. Though a Cancer moon is very compatible with your earthy sign, this moon is seriously touchy with a dash of thorny unpredictability. All signs will be emotionally on edge during this full moon, and you may have to actively diffuse an explosion between you and a friend. Boundaries may be overstepped, so be ready to defend yourself if any of your close buds begin inadvertently treating you like a punching bag. Don’t take anyone’s crap, Virgo.

Boosting your income, either with a new job or extra work, becomes the focus at month’s end and will be easily achieved with the Aquarius new moon’s ingenuity and inventiveness after January 27. Positive things will begin to develop rather quickly during the new moon, so stay organized and ready. Hiring new employees and finding the perfect fit will be a cinch after the 27. With so much action this month, it’ll be easy to neglect your health—don’t do it! Eat nutritious food and get enough rest; February will be even busier.

Libra: searching for peace

As soon as the new year begins, you’re ready, willing, and able to make big changes to your career. You may not be looking for a new job per se, but you’re determined to earn a promotion, a raise, or simply boost your camaraderie and teamwork around the office. With your ruling planet, lovely Venus, moving through your career sector from January 3 through February 3, finding common ground, peace, and harmony with your colleagues and coworkers will be easily achieved. Even if you haven’t necessarily been unhappy at work, you can anticipate a fun, productive month that’ll leave you feeling more appreciated and valued than ever in your professional life.

Mercury, the pesky planet of communications and technology, has been in retrograde since mid-December, throwing up roadblocks in getting your message across clearly. The haze of miscommunications that’ve been vexing you for weeks will begin to dissipate once Mercury returns to his direct course on January 8. What a relief! This aspect brings even more harmony to your work collaborations—and may even result in some romantic sparks flying between cubicles. If you’ve been crushing on a coworker, you may just cross the line this month from simply colleagues to something more. Let your mutual chemistry fizz and bubble, Libra—but don’t get caught. Workplace gossip may ensnare you and your office boo around the volatile Cancer full moon on January 12. After the super-friendly Aquarius new moon on January 27, you’ll have the green light in all things romantic.

In fact, this sparky full moon might rub your bosses and superiors the wrong way, making them testy and easily provoked. Higher-ups may be more prone to throwing childish temper tantrums now, placing you squarely in the crossfire. Entrepreneurial Libras would do well to handle cantankerous clients with kid gloves and a gentle hand, particularly when it comes to forming business alliances or partnerships. What’s more, this full moon may stir up difficult family dynamics. A sibling—or, if attached, your partner—may quarrel with one of your parents, or your parents may argue with each other. It’ll be a Herculean challenge to remain neutral, but that’s your strength as a Libra. Flexing those balancing, compassionate muscles will be the only way to come out of this conflict intact.

Scorpio: feelin’ frisky

The New Year begins quietly and pleasantly for you, Scorpio. Even though trickster god Mercury will be wrapping up his “bad three weeks” of retrograde in the first week of January, you’ll receive a sweet new year’s treat from sensuous Venus—the planet ruling all things romantic, beautiful, and lucrative—when she tangoes with sibling water sign Pisces from January 3 through early February. With Venus in a similarly intuitive, sensitive sign all month long, you’ll be feeling yourself—and others will surely notice. Fun, flirty, and playful, you’ll not only be more gregarious and magnetic than usual, but generally feel more free to pursue your talents and hobbies solo. This is a brilliant period for getting in touch with your heart and what makes you sing.

Take yourself shopping for a new 2017 look, or go for an all-over beauty upgrade after January 8 when Mercury moves direct again. When Venus is in your corner, you’ll be feeling and looking sexier than ever! Coupled Scorpios will feel the thrill of new love, even if you’ve been with your partner for decades, and single Scorpios can enjoy playing the field. You’ll be so magnetic, you’ll barely have to lift a perfectly manicured finger—let the suitors come flocking to you. Bask in that attention, boo. 

If you spent the last weeks of 2016 feeling financially unstable or insecure, January will be a bright month to fortify your coffers. Mercury retrograde might make your head spin with new ideas (or a lack of inspiration), but as soon as he turns direct it’s blast-off time. Use this powerful forward boost to nurture your inner strength by spending time in comfort and with those who truly support you and your dreams. This is a powerful month of self-transformation, rebuilding family relationships, and laying a strong emotional foundation to weather any future storms. Maturity is your vibe now, and you might even come across as more maternal, nurturing, and emotionally supportive to your circle and support network. 

A massive full moon in sibling water sign Cancer on January 12 will shake the earth for many signs, but not for you, Scorpio. When it comes to destruction, you’re always ready to regenerate and rebuild, and the emotionally volatile Cancer full moon is just the leg up you need to finalize a course of study or degree, make exciting international travel plans, or settle any legal disputes hanging around from last month. Doubtless, you’ll feel more connected to your ideals, opinions, and beliefs, and will be rearing to defend them. While other signs are running around like the sky is falling, this thorny full moon will have you feeling more optimistic than usual. It’s a cakewalk for the rest of the month, especially on the 27 when a friendly new moon in Aquarius gives you the go-ahead on initiating a home improvement project that’ll keep you cozy and comfortable through the winter months. 

Sagittarius: put your money where your mouth is

Last month, the foundation of your comfort zone—your home—might’ve experienced some tough transitions. As 2017 opens, Mercury will indeed still be in retrograde until January 8, which may present some (small) slow-downs in the progress with feathering your nest. But this is all heartily countered with sweet, sensuous Venus touring your Fourth House of Home and Family from January 3 through February 3, delivering contentment, peace, and overall harmony at home and with family.

If you’ve been feuding with a sibling, parent, or other close relative, this gentle aspect is just the ticket to squashing that beef and moving forward. Archers who’ve been dating someone special may decide to introduce bae to their friends and family. Though this can be nerve-racking, don’t fret—your tribe will absolutely love your new partner! You may also initiate a home improvement or redecorating project at this time, piquing your most lavish tastes. Don’t go nuts with the crystal chandeliers, though—your instinct will be to throw money at all the creature comforts you can handle, but be wary of putting too much pressure on your bank account. 

After Mercury ends his troublesome retrograde on January 8, the reality of your financial standing will be unavoidable as this planet moves forward in your income and earnings sector. The picture may not be pretty (in fact, it may be downright scary), but this jolt of reality will be what you need to make lasting changes toward financial security. The thorny Cancer full moon on January 12 will only further aggravate your money when she delivers some unpleasant—or even shocking—news from an accountant or advisor. You may choose to completely break from an investment or source of income, but you’ll need patience to execute this; it certainly won’t be a clean break, so try to stay calm. A friendly Aquarius new moon on January 27 will send soothing vibes to your struggle. Seize the opportunity to learn something new or take up a fresh hobby to quell your jangled nerves. 

Capricorn: vinegar versus honey

Tricky, tricky Mercury travels backward in your sign during the first week of 2017, signaling that you’re likely starting the new year wondering where your mind went. Feeling out of sorts is an understatement, likely due to a deep sense of being misunderstood, unheard, or straight-up ignored. Understanding others might be hard to come by now, too. Expect many small snafus and misfires, adding up to one mentally draining, exhausting week. Carve out a big chunk of time for yourself to recharge and rest—self-care will be absolutely necessary until Mercury gets his act together and moves direct again on January 8.

Meanwhile, compassionate Venus will have moved into compatible water sign Pisces on January 3, beaming a newfound sensitivity and mental acuity to your sign all month long. Challenging yourself intellectually is an excellent strategy to keeping your stress levels down. In matters of the heart, single Caps are likely to be more connected to those you share a common intelligence or mental agility with. Committed Capricorns can expect to enjoy a period of free communication, opening up the floor for otherwise difficult but important conversations about values.

You might sense that things are finally beginning to settle down by mid-month, but on January 12, a supercharged full moon in water sign Cancer—the polar opposite sign to yours—will send prickly, frustrating energies to a close partnership. Whether romantic or connected through business, you might be ready to brawl over small issues—though, of course, these issues won’t seem small to you at the time. You’ll be far more confrontational and aggressive than usual, causing you and a partner to butt heads over an unpleasant (and potentially shocking) problem that neither of you really want to address in your alliance. The key is remembering that no matter what, you’re on the same team—even if you may not always see eye-to-eye.

Storm clouds continue to swirl around your relationships and domestic life for the rest of the month, but luckily on January 27, a cleansing Aquarius New Moon will present some fresh opportunities for boosting your income. Work is your pleasure, Cap, and this is exactly the distraction you need. Especially because feisty Mars moves into your family and domestic sector on January 28 where he’ll linger until March 9, making conflicts between family members, roommates, domestic partners, and even landlords explosive. The best advice? Choose your battles very wisely.  

Aquarius: imagine peace and prosperity

Confidence is the name of the game as the new year begins, especially when it comes to your earning potential. Finally, after so much strife and stress surrounding your income last year, January delivers a one-two punch of positive financial developments. Professional prestige is no longer your priority with today’s economy, so your focus becomes squarely fixed on opening up new and innovative channels for boosting your cash flow. Now, I know you’re just brimming with new ideas and strategies to market all those unique Aquarian talents, but Mercury will still be in retrograde until January 8, so be sure to stall any major initiations or signing any documents until after then.

Speaking of talents, Venus will slide into imaginative Pisces on January 3 where she’ll stay all month long, beefing up your self-promotion and elevator pitches (hello, confidence!). After January 8, you’ll have fun with testing the waters of your worth; perhaps you have some hidden skills or secret talents you never thought could earn cold, hard cash. Yes, you’ll be able to charge for all kinds of things this month, or simply sell yourself to an influential person at work for a much-deserved bonus or salary raise. Get experimental—don’t limit yourself and all your wonderful creative talents.

You’ll be the toast of the town at work this month, but all success comes with a dash of envy. An emotionally unpredictable full moon in Cancer on January 12 indicates there may be a colleague or coworker absolutely steaming with jealousy over your recent gains. Likely, you’re not aware of this as your spirits will be buoyant and optimistic, but whatever’s been stewing—either an irrational jealousy or a true rift in your relationship—will come to a clear head near this full moon. Whatever you do, control your temper or any impulsive speaking. Your words can act as daggers now, and you’re bound to say something you’ll regret later. 

The end of the month is a bastion of peace as the sun triumphantly moves into your electric sign on January 19, followed by a cleansing, rejuvenating new moon in Aquarius on January 27. Now, you can direct this fresh, sunny energy to make a brand-new start in your life, in any area you choose. Think carefully about what you want your year to look like—you can manifest whatever you imagine.

Pisces: war of roses

You’ve got a dazzling, star-spangled start to your 2017, Pisces, beginning on January 3 when Venus—goddess-planet of love, romance, beauty, and luxury—graces your watery sign. She’ll stay here for the whole of the month, ensuring that you’ll feel more beautiful, confident, and alluring than you have in some time. Single Pisces will have no trouble attracting many admirers this month with a downright beguiling magnetism and charm, so put yourself out there and take to playing the field. Fun and intrigue is yours for the taking, but you might be better off slowing your roll until after Mercury starts moving direct again in your 11th House of Friends on January 8. Otherwise, you might run into some miscommunications and misunderstandings when meeting new people and networking.

A gigantic full moon in sibling water sign Cancer on January 12 could mean migraines when it comes to your family, especially if you’re a parent. Your kids might be bouncing off the walls or seem completely uncontrollable now, even destructive to the point of incurring unexpected expenses (think: broken valuables and broken bones). Not yet a parent? This emotionally stifling full moon may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in a casual romantic relationship, causing you to break it off completely. (Don’t worry—this aspect won’t likely affect established relationships or lead to widespread Piscean divorce.) All that Venusian confidence is the lynchpin to taking control of your life: If you’re not feeling it, don’t waste any more time on the wrong person. Understand that moving on is the best investment of your time, as well as a compassionate move—you wouldn’t want to waste someone else’s time, either.

Here’s the kicker, though: If you are newly in love and haven’t had many conflicts, expect a blowout fight like you’ve never brawled before. This argument will lay an essential foundation for the future of your relationship, ultimately fortifying your union. Oh, and the makeup sex will be just as explosive and intense as the fight itself. A healing new moon in northern neighbor sign Aquarius on January 27 brings plenty of opportunity to put the past behind you and start anew. Letting go of the past refreshes your entire aura, opening the door to new spiritual pursuits in the new year.