jared leto - oscar nominated!!

Leto…Buzz…Oscar…all in the same sentence!!

by Josh Madden

Congratulations to our cover star Jared Leto on his Academy Award nomination for Dallas Buyers Club! Read what he had to say about the film and the prospect of winning an Oscar in the December/January issue, out now.

"I never thought in a million years I would be mentioned with either ‘buzz’ or ‘Oscar,’” he says, laughing. “It’s completely mind-blowing. What the fuck? You don’t do it for that, but buzz is an indication that something worked. Like, maybe this one won’t be a heartbreak.”

It’s a diplomatic answer, one that necessitates an uncouth follow-up: Straight up, no bullshitting: Do you want the gold statuette? “Do I want it?” Leto repeats with mock incredulity. “That’s a trick question! If I say yes, I sound like an asshole. And if I say no, I sound like...” He scans the patio for the proper word. Got it: “An asshole.” -Jared Leto, on page 114 NYLON Guys