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how do you experience music?

by kelsey nguyen

Here's a (totally harmless) self pop quiz: do you love photography? Music? Photo filters? What about a convenient way to jam out to your favorite tracks on the go? If you've answered "yes" to all of the following questions, congratulations, you have earned a glorious "J" for the Jawbone x VSCO collaboration. Forget about SATs!

The freshly launched Jawbone x VSCO collaboration features seven talented VSCO photographers all answering the vital question, "How do you experience music?", through the beauty of pictures. This is MUCH better than your classic pen and paper route, am I right? Jawbone is a technology company responsible for crafting innovative audio and lifestyle devices meets sleek accessory pieces. They partnered with VSCO, the famed creator behind everyone's favorite photo editing app of the same name (F2 happens to be my go-to filter), to celebrate the aesthetic relationship between music and photography. Ever wondered how music could be translated to the medium of stunning visuals? This collaboration has got your one-way ticket to artistic paradise!

By uniting Jawbone's LiveAudio content creators with VSCO's photographers, the ultimate product proved to be a poetically beautiful project that will definitely get your minds racing. From rich photographs saturated in color to dreamy snapshots of guitars and pianos, it's sure to satisfy your imaginative craving.

What are you waiting for?

Come along on a journey with Jawbone x VSCO now!