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Jay Z Samples Tomi Lahren Rant On “Drug Dealers Anonymous”

Don’t come for the throne

Instead of responding to their haters, the Knowles-Carter regime profits on their outspokenness. While Beyoncé couldn't obtain the rights to Tomi Lahren's rant about her controversial Super Bowl halftime performance, Jay Z seems to have been given the green light as he used another one of her broadcasts as a sample on Pusha T's new single, "Drug Dealers Anonymous."

The conservative news anchor might not have approved of the inclusion, but seeing as to how she doesn't own the rights to the segments, we can assume that she was overruled. Nonetheless, Lahren expressed her "gratitude" about the situation on Twitter as obnoxiously as you would expect.

In all honesty, this is probably one of the classiest ways to go about addressing issues with the media head-on. Queen Bey did say that the "best revenge is your paper," and this certainly puts a spin on that logic. We have all been warned not to come for this family. They won't attack back immediately—they will take their time developing the best strategy that will yield them an unquestionable victory, and when the plan is in motion, it's game over.

The public is still holding its breath in anticipation for Hov's official response to Lemonade, but this song definitely takes our mind off all the drama for now. Jay Z is temporarily back in our good graces. Find out why by bumping the track, below.