jeans by nudie

It’s a perfect summertime jean so buy yours here!

by Christian Lavery

If you’re like us and practically live in your jeans, we know the attachment that goes along with a pair of nicely broken-in denim. They become like a child of yours and finding a new pair just as good is near impossible, not to mention hardly worth the time. Nudie Jeans Co. doesn’t want to hear all that though, and frankly, neither do we. Especially when they’re pushing the envelope and coming to the table with the Thin Finn Organic Icon Green that’s available exclusively at Barneys. They’re made of 11 oz. organic Turkish denim that have been expertly bleached down and over-dyed to infuse each pair with a nice pop of color. It’s a perfect summertime jean so buy yours here…just don’t get mad at us when they become your new favorite pair.

-Christian Lavery