Image via Twitter/@bummermaid

The Jealous Girlfriend Meme Will Make You Revaluate Your Life Decisions

All of them are a little too real

by Sarah Beauchamp

This week, a stock photo of a man blatantly checking out a girl who looks nearly identical to his girlfriend went viral on Twitter after people started to use the image as a metaphor for pretty much everything. Feeling anxious? There's a jealous girlfriend meme for that. Frustrated with corporate American greed? Here you go. The jealous girlfriend meme makes you confront the person you actually are—someone who orders takeout with a full fridge of groceries and who naps in spite of your long to-do list.

Who knew a lighthearted meme could make us revaluate our life decisions this much. 

Most of them hit a little too close to home. 

Pretty much we are all of these memes. 

A lot of people tried to put a narrative to the jealous girlfriend meme. By far, the best alternate ending is jealous girlfriend leaving her boyfriend for the babe they passed on the street. 

And remember, if life is a jealous girlfriend meme, aspire to be the woman walking away, unbothered by that random couple's trust issues.