Jem and The Holograms Movie

grab the manic panic, this is an emergency!

by steff yotka and jade taylor

And now for the absolute best #ThrowbackThursday news of today (and maybe ever): Jem and The Holograms is being made into a movie! 

We'll give you some time to digest that and freak out appropriately.... Ready? OK. In a YouTube video announcement, director Jon M. Chu and producers Jason Blum and Scooter Braun call for fans to submit ideas for what a Jem movie should be like. So obsiously we asked our in-house Jem expert, Beauty Assistant Jade Taylor, what she wants to see happen in this flick. 

1. Selfie holograms!

2. Synergy would be bigger, like movie screen sized, not just piano sized. 

3. Jem wears head-to-toe Meadham Kirchoff.

4. Jem and her whole drew has Manic Panic for days and days.

5. They get their hair done by NYLON staffer favorite Roxie Darling and their nail art done by the amazing Fleury Rose.

6. The misfits are now Jeremy Scott's new It Girls, best friends, and models.

7. The premise of the story is the rivalry between the two It Girl gangs.

Watch Jem's opening sequence below to get your creative juices flowing and then tell the film crew (and us!) what you want to see in the movie!