photo by Kevin Winter / getty images


Jennifer Garner Had A Major Existential Crisis At The Oscars

And it made for some incredible meme content

by Hafeezah Nazim

Last night's 90th annual Academy Awards provided us with some great meme fodder for the rest of the month. Some noteworthy ones included this unforgettable moment from Meryl Streep, who gave her viral shouting meme a much-needed update, and Jennifer Lawrence, who taught us all that wine tastes good only if you have it while climbing over a row of seats.

But it was a three-second clip from Jennifer Garner that stole the meme show.

The actress was filmed while experiencing what many thought to be an intense epiphany—and the footage left the masses wondering what, exactly, was on her mind to cause such a reaction.

Some thought she forgot to take the chicken out the freezer.

Others theorized that she actually forgot to bake cupcakes for a school fundraiser. 

But mostly, people couldn't get over how amazing she looked.

Amen. In J. Garner we trust.