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jennifer lawrence and amy adams are paid less because they’re women?

looks like sexism is alive and well in hollywood.

The damage from the Sony hacks isn't done yet. In a damning new revelation that was first reported by

The Daily Beast

, it was revealed that Jennifer Lawrence, arguably the biggest movie star in the world, still gets paid less than her male counterparts. Why doesn't this surprise us?

Sony, which is already dealing with a catastrophic fallout that includes racially-tinged jokes aimed at President Obama, now has to face questions about a gender inequality after leaked emails revealed that Lawrence, along with her costar Amy Adams, received less money than her male costars.

“The current talent deals are: O’Russell: 9%; Cooper: 9%; Bale: 9%; Renner: 9%; Lawrence: 7%; Adams: 7%,” wrote Andrew Gumpert, President of Business Affairs and Administration for Columbia Pictures in an email dated December 5, 2013. What's troubling here is that Lawrence, in a supporting role , had as much screen time as Renner and is by far the bigger star. So what gives?

Sony head Amy Pascal, in response to an email questioning whether Lawrence was making less than her costars wrote, "There is truth here.” Also revealed was a gender gap at Sony from the top down. The Daily Beast was also able to pour over a spreadsheet that included the salaries of over 6,000 Sony employees. 17 of them made over $1 million annually. One of those 17 was a woman.

As much as these hacks are a criminal activity and should rightful be condemned by everyone, we have to admit there's a certain satisfaction we feel when this kind of ugliness gets exposed.