Jennifer Lawrence Slayed At a Living Reading of ‘The Big Lebowski’

In our continued effort to chart and archive every single thing Jennifer Lawrence ever does (because, as The Police say, it is magic), here's a story about the actor joining a bunch of other famous actors on stage in Montreal for a live reading of The Big Lebowski. Director Jason Reitman brought his famed live read sessions—where he recruits a bunch of thespians to read classic scripts in front of a live audience—to Montreal's Just For Laughs comedy festival. In a stroke of good fortune, Montreal is also the city where Lawrence is shooting X-Men: Apocalypse so she surprised the crowd when she appeared on stage to perform the role of Maude, memorably played in the film by Julianne Moore.

Lawrence was joined by her X-Men costar Michael Fassbender, who showed up in a bathrobe to play The Dude (and apparently went method by smoking what may have been actual weed), as well as Patton Oswalt as Walt, Martin Starr as Jesus, X-Men costar Olivia Munn as Bunny, our pal T.J. Miller as Brant, and Mae Whitman as Donny. 

A spy at the event managed to capture some video that is actually audio of Lawrence delivering Maude's sexually charged opening lines about coituwith characteristic gusto. Listen to it below.