Watch The New Jennifer Lawrence Dior Ad

don’t be shine, okay?

Have you been having a strange day? Have you found yourself mindlessly staring into space? Pondering the pure meaningless of life? Exploring that vast emptiness inside you? Perhaps it started off with a light reading of Lena Dunham's "Six Sausages," or maybe it started even earlier than that, when you woke up with a mythical, unending echo of "Listen to the Kids." (Thanks for that one, Kanye.) But nevermind the cause, it is what it is. And it's not going to end anytime soon—not if Jennifer Lawrence and Dior have anything to do with it.

This morning, the French fashion house released their latest advert starring the actress. And, boy, is it mesmerizing. In the first two seconds (that's 1/10th of the video, to you math aficionados), the house music takes you in. Then, Lawrence starts saying, "Don't be shy," and looks straight into the camera; straight into your eyes; straight into your soul. You get lost in the pure perplexing nature of it all. And that's probably what they intended. Before you know it, you'll find yourself heading to the nearest beauty counter, mindlessly chanting, "Don't be shy. Shine." It's exactly what Zoolander warned us all against, and yet, you embrace it. You are still. You are hostage. You are Dior.