Watch Jennifer Lawrence Stun In The Latest Trailer For Joy

The Oscar Is Hers To Lose

by daniel barna

Jennifer Lawrence has made no secret about just how much she loves working with David O. Russell, and in the latest trailer for their upcoming film Joy, it's easy to see why.

In it, Lawrence plays Joy Mangano, the housewife-turned-business-mogul who must navigate her way through the "betrayal, treachery, the loss of innocence, and the scars of love" that pave the road to success. And as the film's Christmas-Day release inches closer, the world inhabited by a star-studded ensemble that includes Bradley Cooper, Edgar Ramirez, Robert De Niro, and Isabella Rossellini, is starting to take shape.

But at the center of it all is Lawrence, who looks more and more like she’s delivered the performance of a lifetime. And for an actress as accomplished as she is, that's really saying something. So as the march to the Oscars gets underway, and with JLaw picking up steam, the question now becomes: Can anyone stop her?