Jennifer Lawrence’s Kim Kardashian Interview Is The Most Fun You’ll Have On The Internet In A While

Because, you know, the rest of the world is falling apart

Logging onto the world wide web these days is a challenge of personal willpower. What fresh hell is unfolding today? Who wants to take which right away from us? Where is the latest natural disaster? Today, however, is a good day to log on because among the more hard-hitting news is a brilliant piece of content involving two of today's most polarizing celebrities: Kim Kardashian West and Jennifer Lawrence.

Hear me out here: Celebrity gossip is shallow, yes, but it's a momentary distraction from the serious issues we're consuming, thinking about, and commenting on daily. The world may be burning, but lemme indulge in a little nonsense before I make sense of everything else. After all, there's a joke to celebrity. It's ridiculous people care about the personal lives of individuals they have never met, and will likely never meet, but that's pop culture—take any escape you can and run with it.

Enough with the serious talk, though. I'm here to tell you that this 18-minute interview between Lawrence and her not-so-secret obsession, Kardashian West, is that type of wholesome, escapist content you logged on for today. With Jimmy Kimmel out of the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio this week, he's had a handful of guest hosts cover for him; Lawrence was the fourth and final one. Her interview with Kardashian West is as unfiltered as any late-night celebrity interview can be. Lawrence is just as much Kardashian's friend as she is Kardashian's fan, and holds nothing back when it comes to personal questions. How does Kardashian feel about Selena Gomez getting back with Justin Bieber? Has Kardashian ever asked O. J. Simpson if he "did it"? Do Kardashian and her husband, Kanye, fart in front of one another? Does Kardashian realize her KKW Beauty contour sticks, which she was on the show to promote, look like dildos? Kardashian answers them all with candor. 

Escapism: achieved.