Whoops! Jennifer Lawrence Just (Accidentally) Made Out With Natalie Dormer

we’ve been there.

Sometimes when two people go in for a peck on the cheek and they care about each other very, very much, they accidentally kiss. It’s something all adults do. And, yes, it happened to two of our favorite actors, the oh-so-real Jennifer Lawrence and quite-tart Natalie Dormer, as they were outside of the London premiere of Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2

While Dormer was working the rope line, Lawrence embarked on her usual course of photobombing shenanigans and snuck up on the British actor mid-interview. Perhaps she swooped in to give her a little peck. Perhaps she was hoping to nibble on her ear. Whatever the intention, the two turned to face each other and—smack—accidentally locked lips. If you’ve kissed enough people on the cheek in your lifetime, it’s probably happened to you (though probably not with an Oscar winner or Game of Thrones star). 

Lawrence being Lawrence, she immediately owned the moment after a first fluster by saying, “We just kissed on camera, and I liked it.” Aww. Accidents like these do happen, and sometimes, they’re kind of cute.

(Via Vulture)