Jennifer Lawrence Reveals the Terror She Felt The Night She Won Her Oscar

thanks to a botched pizza order (among other things)

It’s funny—presuming you’re insulated from the worst things human life has to offer—your problems are not all that distinguishable from celebrity problems. And, yet, as the video above proves, they’re also radically different.

Let’s take the night Jennifer Lawrence won the 2013 Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. It was—no doubt—a highlight of her young life. Also, it was a living nightmare. As she relates in this slightly drinky interview on the always-blessed Graham Norton Show, the evening was a hurricane of those little problems you deal with everyday in your life.

Naturally, we all know about the tumble she took, the shots she probably shouldn’t have taken, the bong rip she secreted before the ceremony, and all that. But did you know JLaw was also highly hormonal, experiencing existential dread, and moved to tears over a messed-up pizza order? 

“I had a whole meltdown,” she told Norton and fellow Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne. “It was a whole series of things. Birth-control confusions, so I was like hormonal…so I was like ‘What does it all mean? Nothing!’ I came home crying and then my friend ordered the wrong pizza. It wasn’t thin crust, it was thick crust!” After that, Lawrence broke into a Claire Danes-worthy cry face. 

So you see? Jennifer Lawrence experienced what many of us have on a random Tuesday night. Granted, you’re tumbling down the subway stairs instead of tripping over your red-carpet gown and doubting the validity of your very existence while watching The Good Wife instead of while holding a golden statuette. As we said, your problems are the same as celeb problems, just completely different.